Situated on Calle Granada, this church was built on top of a former mosque. It is the oldest church in Malaga. Its foundation dates back to 1490. Of the original front only there remains, blocked, the central door of Mudejar style. The beautiful tower is also of Mudejar style. The interior of the temple, Gothic – Spanish Muslim living under Christian rule, presents three ships, though in its origins it had only one.

In this church Picasso was baptized in 1881.

It was raised in parish in 1505 and confirmed in 1510 by uprise of Father Julio II. The original church was clear of three ships with chamfered props that they were supporting pointed arches. The main ship was finished off of polygonal form by external buttresses and covered by armor of bow, today it conceals, being wings of hangingly.

Mudejar tower

It was constructed a little separated from the wall of the church; with the low part destined for baptist chapel, with cover of starry vault.
The access to the top part was done by external stairs to the tower. Externally it is of three bodies, highlighting the second one with the mixtilinerar arches. The sebka cloth presents points of contact with the tower of Carmona’s Santiago. The main entrance is of brick, forming a pointed arch framed for alfiz that descends up to the soil. In the hair-nets there is a decoration of tiling glazes of ceramics with motives of bow.

The refth: with the accomplishment of a new sacristy; new doors of access to the lateral ships, cegamiento of the main entrance a choir raised on the main ship with new stairs of access, the gilding of the altarpiece was covered with a false vault of planted canes and the vault of the presbytery became new also. The works were projected by the teacher Philip de Unzurrunzaga.

Sculptural works

It is necessary to emphasize the major altarpiece acts of 18th century, proceeding from the church of the convent of Archidona’s Santo Domingo.

Pictorial works

Oil paintings of the Virgin of the Child’s Souls of Guevara, and a Santiago Matamoros of the same painter; a reclining Christ; Christ’s Baptism; an Apostle San Andrés, the Good Shepherd, the Inmaculate Conception and the Virgin of the Rosario, you copy all of them of Murillo.

Santiago Church

Granada Street.
9.00 – 13.30 h. and 18.00 – 20.00 h
15th – 18th Century