The Roman Theatre in Malaga is located just below La Alcazaba, and is free to visit. We highly recommend when going to Alcazaba as both are located next to each other.

Roman theatres used to be built in all important provinces of the empire, it was an entertainment building for acting and representing comedies.

For a better resonance Roman arquitects built a semi-circular Orchestra,the terrace was built taking advantage of the hill next to the fortress.

Terrace is divided in three areas, the area closer to the scenary was for important persons, the middle area for the common citizen and the superior area for women and slaves.

History from Roman Theatre

Malaga was in the way of the largest Roman road in Hispania (Via Augusta), this zenith brought to the city an important growth until the decadence of the empire just a few centuries after.

Cesar Augusto promoted the construction of this theatre, althought the theatre was only used from the first century until the third.

We don’t know when the theatre was buried, but it was discovered when building a garden for the Archive and Library Palace in 1951. This building was demolished in 1995 for continuing with the archaeological and rehabilitation works of the Roman theatre.

Further archaeological works showed an underground structure used probably as warehouse related to a Roman factory found from the 5th century or earlier, for building it they used materials from the theatre so we can guess the theatre was already abandoned during the empire decadence.

Interpretation centre – Museum

Roman Theatre museum is a squared building where the visitor can learn and understand the Roman theatre in Malaga and about the life back then.

There are audiovisual reproductions and archaeological pieces found in the area.

About the Roman theatre

Actually the Roman theatre is being used for classic Greco-Roman performances, dancing and theatral activities.

Activities use to be programmed during the summer between the months of July and August.

Where is the Roman Theatre