This Palace was built in the 18th century as an exhibition hall for the locals in Malaga but was later acquired by a noble family in 1895 for personal premises.In 1986 the goverment bought the permises and today hosts different associations.

It preserves the original white marble entrance which is made up of pillars which support a simple balcony; the grilled gates of the passageway opens to a courtyard that has preserved arches from the 18th century on columns of marble and on the left there is a staircase that opens up to a classic white marble balastrade. At the top some the places of interest, roofs and chimneys have remained the same.

Visiting the Palace

The visitors of the palace are transported into the “exquisite” life of Malaga at the end of the 18th century and start of the 19th. This structure, was built in the 18th century and made a guest house in the 19th (even stables where men could leave their mounts were installed) until around 1895 when the Countess of Albarede obtained the building, reforming and furnishing it as her family home.

The palace has three floors and a central patio surrounded by a gallery whose walls are decorated with Arab mosaics. Inside the palace there is an eyecatching staircase and balustrade, both sculptured in Carrara marble.

During the restoration of the building, acquired in 1985 by Malaga Council, the decorated wooden ceilings were preserved and frescos, painted by Fernández Alvarado, where they discovered a room which had been the main dining hall.

Marqués de Valdeflores Palace

60 Carretería Street.
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18th Century.