If you are visiting Malaga and Costa del Sol for holidays and you are looking forward to enjoy the nightlife in Malaga but don’t know how or where we will guide you to know everything you need.

Malaga nightlife is an environment for everyone, you will meet people from different age as there are areas in Malaga for different tastes.

Tapas Bars around Malaga

Malaga offers a wide range of bars which offer tapas.

Tapas are small dishes of food and perhaps the best introduction to try some traditional Andalucian or Spanish cuisine.

Some examples of typical tapas in Spain are Tortilla Española (Spanish Omelette), Ensaladilla Rusa (Russian Salad), Croquetas, Albónigas (Meatballs).

If you enjoy one of the dishes you try you can also order a slightly bigger plate called ‘media ración’ (1/2 ration) or a ‘Ración’ (ration).

Beach restaurants around the El Palo & Pedregalejo area

Along the beachfront and promenade you will many fish restaurants as well as a wide range of places which offer traditional cuisine of the Malaga area.

This area is ideal to start a night out during the summer months by eating out on the terraces and deciding where you would like to explore next.

Nightclubs & Discos in the Malaga area

Nightlife in Spain tends to start later than other countries. It is common for people to often go out at around midnight at weekends as most nightclubs and discos don’t open before 11pm.

Most of these nightclubs and discos are open until early in the morning with closing times at around 6 – 7 am.

Live Music Venues around Malaga

There is a range of venues bars in Malaga which offer live music to make that night out one to remember, most have a great atmosphere for people to go out and enjoy a night out with friends while listening to one of the many bands which play across the Costa del Sol.

Genres of the bands range from Jazz to Rock to Opera.

Malaga City Centre

Malaga city centre is the perfect area for both the old and new to meet, around the centre there are many places worth a visit, including the many bars and restaurants.

The city centre is also near the shopping area and the historic quarter of Malaga which has a range of different museums and monuments.

Plaza de la Merced

Plaza de la Merced is large square in Malaga which is within walking distance of all the main places to see and visit in the centre.

In the square you will find the Picasso Museum and the Pablo Ruiz Picasso Foundation headquarters.

At night the area is known to be a gathering spot for friends to meet up in the bars surrounding the square.

Flamenco Shows around Malaga

There are some bars in the Malaga area which offers a live flamenco show.

Flamenco is a form of Spanish folk dance which has gypsy influences which involves a lot of passion and energy and stamping of feet.

A popular type of flamenco dancing is the ‘Sevillana’ (which originates from the Sevilla area) which is usually a popular dance for people who go to the local fairs and festivals of the area.