Flamenco is a signal of identity for Andalusia; Art, music and dance with unknown origins but keeping a mix of different cultures that have settled in the Mediterranean. Watching a flamenco show in Malaga is like observing a mixture of cultures that has reached our days .

flamenco show in Malaga at Cervantes theatre

Flamenco dancing is very similar in style to a dancing from the Roman Age practiced in the Mediterranean; Some engravings from that time showed that there were special dancers for the Roman bourgeoisie that had similar movements than flamenco, this makes us think that like the ‘verdiales’ its origin comes from this civilization, we do not know if Roman assumed this art from another before.

If we talk about the singing, it is similar to the one Greeks hadused to sing in Southern Spain, the main characteristic in common is the use of different shades of the same syllable.

Later Moors and Gypsies would add his own influence with details such as in dance and rhythms that can only be found in Indian music.

The name is likely to come from the Al-Andalus period as it is pronounced similar to an Andalusi word which means ‘landless peasants’. After the conquest many Moors lost their land and eventually joined Gypsi communities and from that time is when flamenco had a renaisance.

Flamenco always remained in Andalusia and it is not really from just one culture but a land, being enriched over time by different civilizations who settled this area.

Flamenco shows in Malaga

There are many places where you can enjoy a flamenco show, continue reading to know some of them:

Liceo Flamenco

Located inside a 19th century mansion it offers the visitor a good selection of artists in a perfect environment.
Reservation in advance is required and opening times is from Thursday to Saturday from 8pm to 11pm.
Address: Calle Beatas 21, 29008 Málaga

Peña Flamenca Casa de Álora Gibralfaro

Built in 1989 got the Gibralfaro name because its location.
Address: Calle Corregidor José Viciana, 6
Phone: +34 952 32 86 90

Peña Flamenca Juan Breva

Address: Calle Ramón Franquelo, 4 – Malaga
Telephone: +34 952 22 13 80

Peña Flamenca La Solera

Address: St. Miguel Ángel, 11 – 29004 – Malaga
Telephone: +34 952 24 12 07

Peña Flamenca del Sur

Address: La Cala de Mijas, Calle Cártama, 1
Telephone: +34 952 49 45 68

Peña Flamenca El Piyayo

Address: Urb. las Pedrizas, 29730 Rincón de la Victoria, Málaga
Telephone: +34 952 40 48 29

Peña Flamenca Cipriano Pitana

Address: Bda. Doña Ana, 12. Cártama (Málaga)
Telephone: +34 670 58 92 44

El taconazo Malaga

Address: Calle Larios, 10 – 4º (Málaga city centre)