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The Costa del Sol on the southern Mediterranean coast of Malaga is the top destination for the Spanish winter. The mountain range in the north keeps the cold winds away and guarantees a mild climate throughout the year.

Many culturally important cities such as Granada, Seville and Cordoba can be reached from Malaga without much effort quickly and easily.

Andalusia, the southern province of Spain appeals, also, with its relatively low cost of living. Especially in the age of crisis properties to rent or buy for many expatriates and overwintering are affordable. In addition, the subtropical temperatures allow growing exotic fruits all year, for which the gourmet at home has to pay substantial prices. Furthermore, there is nothing like a Mango or Avocado tree-ripened under the sun!

Visiting Malaga in Winter

In the tourist areas such as Torremolinos, Marbella or Fuengirola for everyday life is not even necessary a car hire in Malaga. All shops, services and of course the beach, are within easy walking distance. On the most famous coast of Spain there are also many sports facilities, with more than 30 golf courses.

With more than 320 sunny days per year, is the “Sun Coast” an attractive destination throughout the year. Take advantage of the winter months, to enjoy the beauty of the Andalusian countryside and cities, as long as temperatures and tourist influx have not yet reached their peak.

Even if you do not speak Spanish, you are in good hands here. A multitude of Europeans has moved their residence in the sunny country. Others prefer a winter break and come to Malaga and the Costa del Sol for a season or weeks.

You can also enjoy Christmas in Malaga, have you ever experienced it?

In any case, a bright option!

Snow in Malaga, Nov. 2012



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