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How is the Weather in Malaga in Spring? Spring in Malaga is probably the most beautiful season of the year.

Perhaps you already know that in Malaga there is actually no winter as we know it from the more northern countries and even from the north of Spain.

You can find out in our related article How is the weather in Malaga in Autumn & Winter.

Here we are going to tell you what you can find out about the weather in Malaga in March, April and May.

How is the Weather in Malaga in Spring?

Plaza de la Merced Credit Depositphotos. Weather in Malaga in Spring
Beautiful Jarcaranda trees in blossom in May at Plaza de la Merced, Malaga. Credit Depositphotos

Just as a little reminder, in case you didn´t know: The Costa del Sol (Sunshine Coast) bears this name with good reason.

In Malaga we enjoy more than 320 days of sunshine a year, and now even more due to the climate change.

So, most likely when you step out of the plane at Malaga Airport, you will be greeted by a radiant blue sky and a sun that always shines brightly and intensely.

Let’s take a look at the Weather in Malaga in Spring month by month.

March weather in Malaga

According to statistics, the average high temperature in March is 16.2°C. We include these statistics to give a number.

However, the tendency in recent years has been for higher values, reaching 20 degrees on many days of the month, which is generally sunny.

Both March and April tend to be more unstable and windier months. Traditionally there is some rainfall around Easter in Malaga.

The sea temperature is still cool with around 17ºC.

April weather in Malaga

Mijas. Credit Depositphotos
Photo taken in April in Mijas Pueblo. Credit Depositphotos

According to the statistics, the average high temperature in April is 18.3°C. For practical purposes however, and especially from mid-April onwards, we would set the average daytime temperatures between a pleasant 22ºC and 25ºC.

There can be windy days and the probability of precipitation is decreasing.

The water temperature starts to rise with an average of 17ºC.

May weather in Malaga

Benalmadena. Credit Depositphotos
Beach in Benalmadena in May. Credit Depositphotos

May is one of the most beautiful months on the Costa del Sol. It is one of those months that has everything.

The average high temperature in May is 21.6°C, which we put at around 25ºC. Placid mornings with pleasant temperatures, days that invite you to enjoy the beach.

But also routes to the interior of the province and a nice city break to get to know Malaga.

The water temperature has now an average of 18ºC.

Introducing the local weather phenomenon: Terral

The above-mentioned average values for each month are average sunshine values that are less and less in line with reality: it is getting warmer and warmer.

At the time of writing this article on 13 February 2024, we expect a maximum of 23ºC throughout the day.

There are more and more hot days that are completely out of line with the statistics for the respective month.

This is largely due to a local weather phenomenon in Malaga: The Terral wind. This is an always strong and dry north-westerly wind that can blow in winter as well as in summer.

The particularity of this wind is that it raises the temperature considerably high above normal.

So, the Terral wind in spring can bring hot days like in summer with values above 25ºC. Or even 29ºC which we had in December and which was reported in the international press.

What clothes to bring in Malaga in Spring

In March and April some precipitation is still possible. These months are also characterised by days with strong gusts of spring wind.

Therefore, bringing a rain jacket for these two months is a good solution and more than sufficient. Underneath, with a long sleeved jumper, you are more than sufficiently equipped for the low temperatures in Malaga in March and April.

In addition you can bring long trousers and shorts, closed shoes as well as sandals, t-shirts and shorts and skirts.

As mentioned, even in March there are already many sunny days above 20 degrees Celsius, but then at night it still cools down.

In May you can leave your mackintosh at home for good. If it rains, it will be a short-lived one-off event.

As the temperatures in May are already almost summer-like for visitors from the Nordic countries, you should pack more summer clothes in your suitcase and a light jacket for the evening is more than enough. It is already possible to walk almost 24 hours a day in sandals.

Can you swim in the sea in Malaga in Spring?

Torremolinos beach. Credit Depositphotos
Spring is also surfer time at this beach in Torremolinos

Yes, you can. It depends on your subjective perception of the cold, as the water temperature is only around 17 degrees.

However, there are many locals who take their invigorating dip in the sea even during the winter. You warm up again in no time on wind-protected beaches, as the sun is shining bright and strong.

Which brings us to the next point you should really consider: Sun protection. Every year we see countless Nordic tourists, eager to expose their white skin to the sun for months of sun deprivation, completely underestimating its strength. The result is skin baked like lobster.

In other words, wear high protection of 25 or more, a hat or sunglasses, your skin will thank you for it.

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