There is a project for a big aquarium at Malaga port with up to 15000 different marine specimens. Until it is built you an still visit the marine museum in Malaga, also located at the port.

Alborania Museum: Aula del Mar in Malaga

Sea Aquarium and museum

This museum focus on the Alboran Sea, the Mediterranean area between the peninsula and the African continent, a way to know better the underwater environment surrounding the province of Malaga.

The museum has several areas and activities:

Surround video area: Explore under the sea without getting wet with amazing video screens.

Discovering the Mediterranean past: Prehistoric samples found in the province from the ancient Mediterranean sea.

Mediterranean turtles: Learn a little more of the turtles life and reproduction of this specie in the Mediterranean.

Underwater and coastal landscapes: Natural beauty environments like the Maro-Cerro Gordo cliffs.

Learn about the plankton: The base of the marine food chain is the plankton, know everything about it.

Invertebrates in the Mediterranean: Exhibition of invertebrate animals from the seaworld.

Seagrass beds: Underwater forests, want to find more about them?

Ship Navigation simulator: Become a captain of your own boat with this simulator in the museum.

Historic ships collection: Scale reproduction and handmade historic ships.

History of Malaga and the sea: The sea was since the Prehistory of great importance for all those who settled in Malaga, do you want to know more?

History of Malaga wine: Wine produced in the province has been delivered around the world thanks to the sea.

Culture and diversity of the Mediterranean sea and villages: Learn all about Mediterranean culture, from fishing to gastronomy or how to make a sailing knot.

Sea mammals: Get a closer look at the mammals who pass though the coast between Malaga and the African continent: dolphins and even orcas or whales.

Sea turtles: The Loggerhead sea turtle is known to migrate though our sea, want to know more about them?

Sharks and cephalopods: Are there sharks or giant squids in Malaga? Are they dangerous? These and many other curiosities will be answered in this museum.

Although sharks can be seen they are not common, you do not have to worry about dangers in the Costa del Sol beaches.

Oceanographic Laboratory: Have you ever wondered about how waves are produced? In this laboratory you can make your own wave, know the composition of the common sand with a magnifying glass and know more about why we float more in salt than fresh water.

Amazing wildlife: Discover the great diversity of species in our seas.

History of diving: Not long ago diving suits coul weight more than 100 kilos (220 pounds), the brave who date to descend into the depths with such a weight had also to depend on 2 people who provided the needed air for breathing.

Aquariums: We could not miss in a museum dedicated to the marine wildlife an aquarium with many different environments.

Prices and opening time

If you want to visit the museum you can plan the visit with the following opening times:
– Winter months are from 11th in September to 30th in June. From 10:30 to 2:00pm from Monday to Sunday. From 4:30pm to 6:30pm from Thursday to Sunday.
– Summer months from 1st in July to 10th of September. From 11am to 2pm and from 5pm to 8pm all the week.

5€ for children up to 17 years, students and seniors.
7€ for adults.
Combined price is 20€ for two adults and two children.

How to get to the aquarium museum:
The museum is located at: Palmeral de las sorpresas Muelle 2 – Malaga port
Phone: +34 951 600 108 +34 952 229 287