Front picture of Nerja Museum

If you are willing to discover the culture and history of Nerja we recommend to visit the Municipal Museum ‘Fundacion Cueva de Nerja’, a place where you will discover everything about this beautiful city in 3 floors and 2 basement, from prehistory to actual period, and of course everything you need to know about Nerja Cave.

Museum is situated at Plaza de España, next to the city town hall, it was inaugurated in 2011. There is an interactive area ideal for children and another area focusing on the popular Spanish tv serie ‘Verano Azul’ (Blue Summer)

Museum is accessible to disabled people.

A museum about Caves of Nerja

Inside the museum you will find information about the Nerja Caves, its history and how it was discovered, there are also archaeological and human remains found inside the cave.

The most famous remain is maybe one from a girl who inhabited the cave around 8000 years ago and who died at the age of 18 possibly because an otitis.

In the museum you will find information about all the civilizations who settled in Nerja, from the old Nerja Cave inhabitants to others who settled on the region like Phoenicians, Tartessos, Greek, Roman, Visigoths, Arabs and Christians.

Know how and when the Cave of Nerja was discovered and the impact it caused to the tourism.

Inside the museum

The museum has 3 floors and 2 basements divided by different sectors:

Basement 1:  In this level there are temporal exhibitions.

Basement 2:  Learn about Nerja and its environment, culture and all it has to offer the visitor.

Grownd floor: This level is divided in 3 areas:

  • Balcón de Europa: Museum entrance, reception and area with information about Balcon the Europa viewpoint.
  • Nerja and Axarquía: Know the natural environment of the Axarquia area.
  • History of Nerja: 
  • Know the history of Nerja from the beginning, there are remains from the Prehistory, Middle and Modern age found in the area.

First Floor:

  • Know the most representative historic characters who did live in Nerja.
  • Al Sarqiyya: Everything about the Arab culture in Nerja and Axarquia after 8 centuries of Muslim influence.
  • Tourist boom: 
  • Discovery of Cave of Nerja, tourist boom in the sixties and the filming of the popular tv serie Verano Azul brought to Nerja and important development.

Second floor:

In this floor you will learn about production means, fishing along history, crops and plants found in Axarquia region.

Learn how the famous Roman Garum or the silk was made in the ancient times.

Opening time and price

If you want to visit the Nerja Museum the opening times are: From Monday to Sunday from 10am to 2pm and from 4pm to 8pm

Common ticket: 4€
Children from 6 to 12 years old: 2€
Children under 6 years old: Gratis
Combo ticket for museum and Nerja Cave: 11€
15 people groups: 2€ per person

Free entrance:
Sundays at the afternoon is free for european citizen.
The following days entrance is also free:

  • 28 February: Andalusia Day
  • International Museums day on 18 of May.
  • International tourism day on 27 of September.

Phone: +34 952 52 72 24

Where is Nerja Museum?

Museum is situated on the Old Town of Nerja, very near to Balcon de Europa viewpoint and next to the Town Hall at Plaza de España.