An agricultural village of fertile fields and tranquil streets, located at the heart of the Antequera region on virtually flat land covered with cereal crops and olive trees, at the foot of the mountain range of the same name. Its only monuments are Virgen del Rosario Church and Humilladero Cross, which bears an inscription dating the founding of the village in 1618.

There exists a school of thought which asserts that Humilladero dates back to the 15th century, prior to the conquest of Antequera by Christian troops. However, on the Cruz del Humilladero, a cross-shaped monument which stands at the entrance to the village, 1618 appears as the founding date of the village.

The theory that the village was founded before the 17th century is based on the fact that its origins lay in the building of houses for the workers of the large “El Convento” estate. The name “Humilladero”, meaning “he who bows in humility”, may be derived from the oath sworn by the Infante Don Ferdinand of Antequera as he bowed before the sword of St. Ferdinand carried by Per Afan de Ribera when the two brought their respective troops together to prepare the assault on Antequera. Don Ferdinand is reputed to have knelt down and kissed the sword, promising that it would not be returned to its sheath until Antequera had fallen under Christian control; his knights, also kneeling on the ground, swore this same oath.