Located at the heart of the Axarquia region, surrounded by vineyards, olive trees, cereal fields and orchards.

Like almost all of the region’s villages, its layout is Arabic in origin, consisting of steep, narrow alleys lined with white houses, dominated by St. Matthew’s Church.


The village’s name, like so many others in the Axarquia region, is of Arabic origin, though it has also been known as Macharalhayate and, later, Almachar de la Cruz.

During the Moslem occupation, Almachar, El Borge, Cutar and Moclinejo formed what were known as “The Four Villages”, which enjoyed the protection of Comares Castle.

In the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th, Almachar was famous for its cloth, hand-made in a number of textile mills. Today, most of the village’s inhabitants work on the land, particularly in the cultivation of muscatel grapes and raisins.