Antequera, population 40.000 is, with its noteworthy sights, a historical town par excellence, built on the banks of the Guadalhorce. This busy market town was strategicaly important first as a Roman Anticaria and later as a Moorish border fortress defending Granada. It boasts remains of an Arab castle and part of its fortifications. Many listed buildings can be visited by our guests.

A visit to the dolmens is a must. The dolmens are large Megalithic tomb constructions of large slabs of stone which were covered with earth, the oldest are dating back to the year 2500 BC.

In Antequera, there is also a Giants’ Gateway and the La Pileta cave, whose walls are covered in magnificent paintings of animals and symbols, unknown in the present day.

Antequera has also in its gastronomic heritage: two dishes of original creation, which is specially appreciated also outside the municipality. These are the “porra” – a type of gazpacho – and the “bienmesabe” dessert—whose name (good taste) says it all. The best place to sample these culinary specialities is the “La Espuela” Restaurant on the Bullring, highly recommended by the TV team of tm3 in their film “Andalusia”. Plenty of other Restaurants and Tapas-Bars can be found here.

Shopping in Antequera is a delight. Many shops and Supermarkets can be found in the streets of this enchanting town. All amenities of a modern town are available. A new large Hospital on the outskirts was built only a few years ago. The drive from La Joya to Antequera is only 17km long and takes around 15 minutes.

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