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Astrotourism in Malaga – Discover the beautiful southern night sky

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Due to its geographical location and its mostly clear skies throughout the year Astrotourism in Malaga is a very interesting activity for those who enjoy nature, stars and views of the Milky Way. Although in Malaga you can enjoy Astrotourism all year round, obviously during the summer months the mild temperatures are perfect to be […]


Visit the 10 most beautiful villages in Malaga

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Join us for the 10 most beautiful villages in Malaga to visit in any season of the year! Although Malaga is mainly known for its sun and beach related tourism during the summer months, however, our beautiful province has much more to offer. You will be surprised by the different rhythm of life, the traditions […]

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Malaga, Land of the Sun

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If you have not decided yet where to go next holiday, perhaps Malaga on the Costa del Sol is the best option. In this city you’ll find everything: art, architecture, delicious food, nightlife, sun and beach, music and dance, nature and more. The Costa del Sol is one of the major tourist destinations in Spain, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

Malaga overview

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Natural spaces and Malaga outdoor activities

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The province of Malaga offers due to its geographical location a good number of landscapes of great beauty, worthy of making an excursion to contemplate and enjoy them to a maximum degree. Continue reading to know more about Malaga and natural spaces in the province.

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