These cliffs are located in Maro (Nerja), at the eastern coast of Malaga and the western coast of Granada. The main access is through the N-340.

The climate is Warm Mediterranean-Shoreline Warmth with important subtropical characteristics in terms of the temperature variation.

Agriculture (cultivations in terraces), and pasturing is also found. Although there is a minimal amount of tourist infrastructure, the beaches are quite popular with tourists. Submarine fishing is substantially limited due to the protection of the zone.

Maro Cerro Gordo Natural Park


The vegetal covering consists of clusters of holly oaks and low bushes in which the mastic tree, joint fir, rockrose, and rosemary are prevalent, with one endemism: marine fennel.

Other species include the oak grove, vetch, kermes gall, and terebinth shrub. The cultivations are mostly almonds and olives, but the terraces are mainly lined with fruit trees and planted vegetables.


With reference to the avifauna, you will be able to find the razorbill, the gannet, the storm petrel, the laridae family (black-headed gull, herring gull and lesser black-backed gull) and a wide variety of itinerant predatory birds. In this region, you will also find amphibians and various reptiles, as the hameleon. Among the mammals, we should mention martens, civet cats, wildcats, foxes, badgers and several rodents. As to the water fauna, it is very rich in invertebrates, especially crustaceans and molluscs, and we find a wide variety of fish (brill, saddled sea bream, black snook, conger, sea-eel).

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