This beautiful and amazing area known as Torcal de Antequera is the place of one of the most impressive rock formations worldwide. Rocks with over 150 millions of years created from sediments of the sea, thousands of years have shaped this spectacular landscape creating awesome rock figures.

There have been found traces of human settlement in Prehistoric times.

This place is ideal for practicing speleology for its many caves and underground formations, some of them have not been explored yet.

Among its flora and fauna there are more than 600 botanical species and a variety of birds and mammals such the common fox, the wild boat, griffon vulture and the eagle among many others.

Vista del Torcal de Antequera

Hiking Trails

The 2 main routes are open to the public, the Yellow Route and the Green Route, both share section of the path and are accessible to all visitors because of their little difficulty.

We recommend to take special care if it rained because the moisture as some areas might be slippery.

Green Route

This route starts at the Visitor Centre known as Torcal Alto, it is an easy route suitable for all kind of visitors. The surrounding area is of great interest and beauty, it is well signposted and there is a viewpoint from where you can take some amazing pictures of the place.

Yellow Route

Circular route with little difficulty that starts at the parking from the Visitor Centre and has a length of about 3 kilometres.

The tour includes some of the most popular rock formations in El Torcal.

This hiking trail can be walked in under 2 hours.

How to get to Torcal de Antequera

Road route by car will take approximately 1 hour from Malaga.

When going by car to El Torcal you must head to Antequera, there is a parking area at the Visitors Centre.