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The company, based in Malaga, will start to operate on the 22nd of November with a daily flight to Melilla

The Picasso Museum in Malaga last night turned into a runway for the takeoff of the Andalusian airline Helitt, that chose the famous art gallery for its official presentation. In a few days, on the 22nd of November to be precise, the company’s first commercial flight will depart from Malaga Airport, that will start off with its daily route (except Saturdays) Malaga – Melilla – Malaga, which will be followed by another three over the following weeks (Melilla – Barcelona – Melilla; Melilla – Madrid – Melilla and Barcelona – San Sebastian – Barcelona).

Based in Malaga, Helitt Airlines is born with the idea of reinventing the ‘low cost’, as insisted by its president, Abel Pizarro, who replies with an emphatic ‘NO’ when asked if its profile responds to the current low cost airline general profile: “Absolutely not. We differ in the treatment, the quality, the service onboard and the comfort of the seats, amongst other factors”, he affirmed. And all of this in spite of offering journeys from 25 Euros, in the case of the Malaga – Melilla route.

Helitt Airlines

The opening flight, for the VIP and the media, will take place on the following 21st of November, which will be the icing on a cake that the Pizarro Gomez family have slowly baked. 24 year-old Abel will be accompanied in this adventure by his brother, and Vice-president, Ruben and by his Sister Georgina, Operations Manager. In spite of their youth, they have surrounded themselves with competent professionals, according to the president, who pointed out that the secret to start up an airline company in the middle of a crisis is “to bet on great entrepreneurs who believed in a project that makes sense, but that is also moderate, because we all know the spending limitations there are”.

Thirty Million Euros

With a total investment of around 30 million euros, Helitt begins its journey in Malaga with a team of around 70 people and three airplanes with a capacity for 66 passengers – “We have removed seats to offer more comfort“, stated Abel Pizarro -, that will fly between Malaga and Melilla every day of the week except Saturdays. To begin with, there will only be one daily departure at Malaga airport and one in Melilla, although “we are looking into offering more flights in the near future, if everything goes well“, Pizarro clarifies.

From here to January, the company will get another three routes going between Melilla and Barcelona, Melilla and Madrid, and Barcelona and San Sebastian, as announced by the president of the Airline last night during the company’s presentation. During the event, apart from showing their corporate video, they organised a fashion catwalk to reveal Helitt’s best kept secret: The staff’s ground and air uniform. Designed by Jairo Diaz, a promising young Andalusian 23 year-old, combining the colours red, black, grey and white that remind us of “the aviation of the past” as the stewardesses wear a characteristic hat on their heads.

Transparent rates

The president of the Andalusian Travel Agencies Association, Pedro García, also attended the Picasso Museum last night alongside the airline’s representatives, amongst other representatives of the Tourist sector as well as local and regional politicians, members of the national and international aeronautical industry and provincial and national cultural and society personalities.

With the challenge to situate the airline in the avant-garde of the national air transport, its founders bet on a policy of transparent and competitive rates, as well as a personalised treatment. All in all, “a new way of flying“, as the company’s slogan expresses.

Helitt will not be expanding their routes until next spring to wait and see how the project develops. “Our main aim now is to consolidate the company“, said Abel Pizarro, who added that as from the following summer season, new destinations from Malaga and other cities will be announced.

Routes & timetables

Malaga – Melilla –> Operative from the 22nd of November. Departures at 07:20h (from Monday to Friday) and 11:20h (Sundays).

Melilla – Malaga –> 17:35h (from Monday to Friday and Sundays)

Malaga – Barcelona –> Operative from the 29th of November. Departures at 08:30h (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and 12:30h (Sundays).

Barcelona – Melilla –> Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 15:00h.

Melilla – Madrid –> Operative from the 2nd of December. Departures at 09:20h (Wednesdays and Fridays).

Madrid – Melilla –> 11:35h (Wednesdays and Fridays).

Barcelona – San Sebastian –> Operative from the 3rd of January 2012. Departures at 10:45h (Tuesdays and Thursdays).

San Sebastian – Barcelona –> 12:55h (Tuesdays and Thursdays).


Malaga – Melilla –> From 25 Euros per journey.

Barcelona – Melilla –> From 43 Euros per journey.

Madrid – Melilla –> From 43 Euros per journey.

Luggage –> Up to two suitcases can be checked in. The first one for free if it weighs 15Kg or less.


In Malaga –> Three airplanes with a capacity for 66 passengers.


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