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The airline Helitt takes off in Malaga and reinvents the ‘low cost’

By: Malaga.us

The company, based in Malaga, will start to operate on the 22nd of November with a daily flight to Melilla

The Picasso Museum in Malaga last night turned into a runway for the takeoff of the Andalusian airline Helitt, that chose the famous art gallery for its official presentation. In a few days, on the 22nd of November to be precise, the company’s first commercial flight will depart from Malaga Airport, that will start off with its daily route (except Saturdays) Malaga – Melilla – Malaga, which will be followed by another three over the following weeks (Melilla – Barcelona – Melilla; Melilla – Madrid – Melilla and Barcelona – San Sebastian – Barcelona).

Based in Malaga, Helitt Airlines is born with the idea of reinventing the ‘low cost’, as insisted by its president, Abel Pizarro, who replies with an emphatic ‘NO’ when asked if its profile responds to the current low cost airline general profile: “Absolutely not. We differ in the treatment, the quality, the service onboard and the comfort of the seats, amongst other factors”, he affirmed. And all of this in spite of offering journeys from 25 Euros, in the case of the Malaga – Melilla route.
Helitt Airlines

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