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Granada and Cadiz are the cities that have increased the most in travellers in comparison with the last few years

Malaga, Seville and Granada are, in this order, the Andalusian provinces that most interest awake amongst the travellers for their holidays, including in Malaga some of the most popular destinations like Marbella or Nerja. Between the three of them, they add up a total of 62% of the trips to Andalusia this season.

The demand of trips to the province of Malaga covers 22% of the total, while Seville and Granada reach 20% in both cases. Jaen, the last province in this classification, barely reaches 3%.

In general, the demand of trips to Andalusia as a tourist destination has increased by 13% compared to 2010, according to the brief. Granada, Seville, Malaga and Cadiz have been the provinces with the most increases this year. When referring exclusively to the capital cities, what particularly stands out is the demand increase of trips to Granada (47%), Cadiz (42%), Malaga (28%) and Seville (26%).

In all the provinces there are municipalities that have registered spectacular increases, in some cases even doubling the figures of 2010. This fact shows that the travellers are more and more interested in alternative destinations rather than the more traditional locations.


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