Another very popular place for both visitors and residents is the Plaza de la Iglesia, with a very interesting cultural, historic and architectonic heritage. Here rises majestically the town’s most important edifice: The Iglesia Mayor de Santa María de la Encarnación.

After the Reconquest of Marbella under the Catholic Kings, everywhere the Mezquitas were converted into Christian churches. So as well was the Incarnation Church built on top of the further Mosque, in the year 1618.

The church is an edifice with the design of a basilica with three aisles, being the central one wider than the lateral ones.

The church had to be rebuilt after its destruction during civil war.

In the Choir we find the Órgano del Sol Mayor, the most important organ constructed during the last 150 years in Spain.

In the church are held important classical music concerts apart from the habitual ecclesiastical functions.