The Alameda Park of Marbella is a beautiful green oasis of originally 20.000 m2 in the city centre.

Situated close to the seashore, this park dates from the 18th century and has undergone many changes until it acquired its present day look, with fresh greenery, rubber plants, Bougainvilleas and Jasmines, grown trees and a great variety of exotic botanical species of both flora and fauna.

Unique and lovely tiled ceramic benches, fountains and sculptures by Salvador Dalí round up the picture that invites you to take a stroll or enjoy a coffee in one of the corners of the square, halfway between the Paseo Marítimo (Sea Promenade) and the old town.

Sit and breathe in the scent of lush green and exotic Flowers growing in the benign climate of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Alameda Park Marbella