Exhibition Centre Benalmádena

A building thought and designed specifically to serve like the exhibition centre of high level and that allowed to introduce Benalmádena within the national and international circuits of painting and sculpture.

Address: Avda. Antonio Machado 33
Town: Benalmádena Costa
Phone: +34 952 562 820
E-Mail: ce@benalmadena.com
Website: www.disfrutabenalmadena.com

Archaeological Museum

It was created in 1970 as the only one in its modality of our country since it lodges the best collection of existing pre-Columbian art in Europe. Also it lodges pieces of the history of Benalmádena, from the paleolítico to the Roman occupation. The pre-Columbian ones form an important sample of the cultures of Mexico and Central America (Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica and Santo Domingo). This collection was yielded to the Municipality by Don Felipe Trimming, anthropologist.

Address: Plaza de Thomson s/n
Town: Benalmádena Pueblo
Phone +34 952 448 593
Website www.benalmadena.com