Arroyo de la Miel Beach

It is located between the castle of Bil Bil and the building Sunset Beach. There are sections of this beach that receive other names popularly such as ‘ Beach of the Maité, ‘ Beach of Marymar’ and ‘ Beach of the Melilleros’.It is an ample beach, of urban surroundings and with numerous attractive.

Arroyo Hondo Beach

It is located between beaches of ‘ the Viborilla” and ‘ Torremuelle” and receives its name from the stream wich ends at the same beach and that is one of the main ones of the municipality. It popularly includes a zone denominated like “Beach of the Hotel Blue Coast”. It is readily accessible because the highway runs next to the same beach and has two zones delimited clearly, one of natural character (stable) and another one of regeneration.

Benalnatura Beach

This beach the form leaves from the ‘ Beach of the Viborillas’ although is a nudist beach. It is located in a wild place and it is safe from views.

It is limited by rocks which the conserve of natural and very stable form.

Bil Bil Beach

It has a length of 400 ms and one average width of 60 ms. Nailed between beaches of Santa Ana and the one of Arroyo de la Miel, is divided in two parts. In its half, a small promontory rises on which one of the most emblematic villas of the coast was constructed.

Carvajal Beach

An ample beach of more than 700 meters in length and variable width that gets to be in some points of up to 60 meters. It has been a stable beach and one of first that they attracted, for years, tourists to the municipality. It is located in the limit of the municipal term, in its contact with the one of Fuengirola and has continuity with beaches of this municipality.

La Morera Beach

Also denominated “La Perla”, it is located between beaches of ‘ Torremuelle” and the one of the ‘ Tajo de la Soga” and is one of beaches more concurred at summer time thanks to its accessibility.