Cave of the Alquibla

The cavity was discovered in October of 2000 when, during the workings of it reduces of the topographic levels for the laying of foundations of a construction, appeared the vault of a cavity. At first they seemed to exist cave painting indications, nevertheless, the studies made by specialists confirmed the painting nonexistence. However, the cavity appears like a geologically interesting set by abundant stalactites and estalagmites.

Cafe of the Zorrera

Is located slightly to the west of the Botijos,and reveals the presence of dispersed and fragmentary anthropological material, that possibly demonstrates as to final use of the central room the interment.

Muro Cave

The shelter, that constitutes in if same the slope of a promontory, is located under the gardens of the Wall of Benalmádena Town. Until the moment it lacks archaeological interest.

Los Botijos Cave

A longitudinal and narrow route. The materials found by almost all the cavern in addition to abundant, were of remarkable quality and presented a good state of conservation. We emphasized the forms decorated on the smooth ones, polished pastes .

Cueva del Toro

Located in the Calamorro mount to 500 meters on the level of the sea, it was a small sanctuary that probably was in use until the neolithic era; The finding of the cave took place in 1969, when a neighbor of the locality informed into the discovery. Two years later, M.s Giménez Go’mez and J. Fortea Perez made the pertinent studies, whose results kept awake the presence in their interior of paintings distributed throughout all the cavity.