Stupa of the Illumination

It is the greater Buddhist Estupa of the western world. With more than 33 meters of height, estupa is crowned by a gold cone that is descried from all the coastal strip that mediates between Benalmádena and Fuengirola. Its base is of 25 meters in length by 25 of wide. The room of meditation counts on a surface of 100 square meters and six meters of height. It contains murals that show the most important landmarks of the life of Buddha.

Address: Paraje de El Retamar s/n
Town: Benalmádena pueblo

Sculpture of Buddha

Address: Parque de la Paloma s/n
Town: Benalmádena Costa

Iglesia de Santo Domingo Guzmán

Address: Jardines del Muro
Town: Benalmádena Pueblo
Phone +34 952 44 82 74

The Girl of Benalmádena

Bronze Sculpture designed and done by Pimentel that has become the symbol of the municipality.
Address: Plaza de España
Town: Benalmádena Pueblo

Front door to the Park fo the Dove

Has been designed by the local artist Cañizares Angel. Form part from the Plan of Promotion of the Native Art.