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Two cruise ships will be leaving 7.000 cruisers in Malaga city today

By: Malaga.us

The final stretch of a weak month for cruise arrivals, seems to be livening up. Two cruise ships, with a capacity for over 7.000 cruisers, will be docking today at Malaga port. With this mass arrival of tourists from the high seas, the town hall of Malaga will be reactivating the program of activities to make the visit of these tourists around the historical centre, more attractive.


May will provide 84.000 cruisers and 37 ships in Malaga

By: Malaga.us

If April has been intense, May will maintain this high standard. Malaga port’s figures reflect that a total of 37 ships will berth, bringing around 83.000 passengers to the city. The figure will make the city surpass the barrier of the 250.000 travellers from the high seas in only five months.

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Malaga receives almost 8.000 cruisers, the first avalanche after the shipwreck of the ‘Costa Concordia’

By: Malaga.us

Two cruise ships will dock at the port, one of them, the ‘Costa Serena’, is identical to the one that shipwrecked in Italy

Malaga will be receiving almost 8.000 cruisers today. It’s the first avalanche of high sea tourists since the accident of the ‘Costa Concordia’. Two ships will dock in the Malaga port between seven and eight o’clock in the morning. Coincidentally, one of the them, the ‘Costa Serena’ that belongs to the company Costa Cruceros, is identical to the ship that wrecked in italy.

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