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Two cruise ships will dock at the port, one of them, the ‘Costa Serena’, is identical to the one that shipwrecked in Italy

Malaga will be receiving almost 8.000 cruisers today. It’s the first avalanche of high sea tourists since the accident of the ‘Costa Concordia’. Two ships will dock in the Malaga port between seven and eight o’clock in the morning. Coincidentally, one of the them, the ‘Costa Serena’ that belongs to the company Costa Cruceros, is identical to the ship that wrecked in italy.

The first one to arrive shall be the ‘MSC Fantasia’, that will be coming in from Funchal and heading to Civitavechia, with 3.959 passengers. These travellers will be leaving Malaga at 2pm. At eight o’clock in the morning, the ‘Costa Serena’ will also be docking at Malaga port, with 3.780 passengers, that will be leaving Malaga towards one o’clock in the afternoon.

The ‘Costa Concordia’ shipwreck has not had any repercussions whatsoever in the cruising activity in the Malaga port, that will experience another two intense days the following 7th and 29th of February with the arrival of 7.000 and 6.000 travellers, respectively.

In this sense, the managing director of Malaga port, Sebastian Camps, has confirmed the cruise companies assure that the sales have not been too affected, not even in the company Costa Cruceros, owner of the ‘Costa Concordia’. For now the normality commands the cruising activity in Malaga, that closed 2011 wth over 650.000 travellers, a similar figure to 2010. Malaga will definitely benefit from this buoyant sector.


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