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The overnight stays in Malaga and Marbella have also increased compared to last year but in a less percentage than in Torremolinos

Once again the tourist sector proves that it’s the industry that copes the best with the bad economic times that the country is going through, Torremolinos leads in hotel stays on the whole Costa del Sol, situated top of the ranking of overnight stays during the past month of June.

According to the figures provided by the National Institute of Statistics, this destination, pioneer in this sector for decades, increased their register of overnight stays during the first month of the high season surpassing the amount of half a million. This way, in June 2011, the amount registered was 461.654 and this year it has reached 544.062, which confirms an increase of 17.85%. At the same time, this figure surpasses one of the milestones marked by the town itself before the crisis officially began, in 2007.

Another of the indicators under study by the national organisation has to do with the hotel occupation. Throughout the sixth month of the calendar, the occupation reached 84.94% (the national average was 57.85%), registering this way a increase of 10.12% in reference to the figures obtained during the same period in 2011, when the percentage was of 74.81.

The statistics show a downward trend in the presence of national visitors in hotel establishments. However, this 22.56% decrease of Spanish tourism in reference to last year’s figures, has been largely rewarded by the increase, of 43.16% to be precise, of the foreign tourism, that has gone from 283.848 overnight stays in June 2011 to 406.373 throughout the same month this year.

Other localities of the Costa del Sol region that lead the hotel activity ranking are Marbella and Malaga. Even so, both both have seen in a lesser extent that in Torremolinos there has been an increase of overnight stays by 8.33% and 4.55%, respectively.

In general, the Costa del Sol reached an occupation of 67.77% in June, an amount that decreases by 17.17% regarding Torremolinos. However, this real difference, excluding the destination of Torremolinos, would surpass 21%.

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