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The province of Malaga, despite the intense tourist development which has reduced the number of environmental areas, still holds true orchards in the interior and sea areas with little traffic where outdoor activity at this time of the year is a real summer pleasure. The excellent weather in the area and sea breezes encourage recreation in nature, without the pocket having to suffer excessively.

Those who prefer the skies and choose to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Malaga from a bird’s eye view also have a wide range of possibilities. The Aero Club of Malaga offers the option of participating in a baptism by air, or, for pockets with greater liquidity, taking flying lessons.

There are as well quite a few visitors to the Costa del Sol who prefer the disciplines of gliding. The environment of the beaches between Torrox and Nerja on the eastern Costa del Sol each year attracts hundreds of people because the airfield is located near the sea where usually is present the necessary breeze. It is quite usual that every weekend accumulate paragliders and hang gliders in this easternmost part of the Costa del Sol.

The plains of the region of Antequera and Ronda are chosen by tourism enterprises engaged in the organization of balloon flights. For around 150 Euros per person you can share the unique experience of flying over part of the province at the mercy of the morning or evening light breeze.

Among the latest maritime disciplines is the kite surfing, which is continuously increasing followers in the province of Malaga. While many choose to start in Cadiz near Gibraltar, due to the continuous strong wind on the beaches of Tarifa, monitors are also easy to find on the Costa del Sol to make a first contact with the practice. Kite surfing mixes traditional surfing with gliding, so that sliding on the sea surface allows much more animated twirls. The baptism in this sport, in sessions two consecutive days or in different weeks, has an approximate price of 300 Euros. Those who prefer to spend less, always have the option to hire a surfboard and start balancing on the waves. And, the skill in all these
disciplines takes time, of which we seem to have plentiful only in our summer holidays.

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