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As from the past 6th of December, on the National Constitution Day, Nerja hosts a new touristic and cultural attraction, its first Museum of History, a facility in which the Nerja Cave Foundation has invested over five million euros since the project began in 2006. The premises offers the visitors a very visual and audible tour, with several archaeological pieces found in the consecutive excavations made on the inside of the Nerja Cave since its discovery on the 12th of January 1959.

In this way, the Foundation’s forecast of visitors is set at approximately a hundred thousand people to pass through this building each year, that is situated in the central Plaza de España, which means almost one out of four that visit the cave. The entrance to the Museum, that is planned to be a live area with temporary exhibitions and cultural events, costs six euros, and the fee combined with the cave, 12.5 euros. In these first weeks, the influx of visitors has been constant, although there still aren’t official figures available.


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