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Taxi MarbellaFrom now on taxis in Marbella will be charging per kilometre, between 0.91 and 1.06 euros depending if its daytime, night-time, bank holiday or weekend

The clients have been noticing a brand new device in the Marbella taxis for some weeks now. Those used to dealing with these taximeters, those that used to come to spend a few days of tourism in Marbella but had their permanent residence in the big cities knew what this was all about. But, there has been cases of some clients that found it quite strange not seeing those numbers turned on and consequently asked the driver for an explanation, who has patiently had to explain that they were waiting for the green light to turn them on. This kicked off yesterday at last via the Andalusian Government’s Official Bulletin.

The General Management of Financial Relations with the Local Corporations, yesterday published the announcement in which they authorised the new rates for the taxi sector in the city, saying farewell to the fixed prices tagged to each destination and turning on the taximeters like the rest of the big cities. This means, as from now, you get charged per kilometre, so every client that uses a taxi will be able to see, up on the digital screens of a device that looks like a radio, the exact final price of the journey.

Taxi prices in Marbella

Fair Nº1: Daytime period from 6am to 10pm.
Fair Nº2: Night-time Mon-Fri from 10pm to 6am. Weekends and Bank Holidays 24hrs.
Minimum price established (once taximeter starts): 3 euros for Fair Nº1 and 3.75 euros for Fair Nº2.

Price per Kilometre: 0.91 euros for Fair Nº1 and 1.06 euros for Fair Nº2.
Waiting hour: 18.5 euros for Fair Nº1 and 23.12 euros for Fair Nº2.
Minimum service: 4.40 euros for Fair Nº1 and 5.50 euros for Fair Nº2.
Supplements: 0.10 euros per supermarket bag (max. ten pulsations) and 0.50 euros per luggage and golf bags (max. four pulsations).
Long-distance runs: The taximeter will not turn off when the car leaves Marbella’s municipality limits.
Taxi fleet: There are currently 319 taxis in Marbella.

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