The street markets are a great opportunity to be close to the Spaniards and their customs, apart from shopping at a good price and even finding some bargain. Don´t miss visiting them.

There are many street markets along the Costa el Sol and each of them offers something different. Some are specialized in antiques and furniture, other in second hand clothes; there are markets selling cultivated products from the local orchards and so on.

Around the streets market you will usually find bars and cafeterias for good refreshments and observe the typical hustle and bustle of the lively andalusian street markets.


Tuesday Mornings (9:30 – 13:30 h)
C/ Antonio Ferrándiz ‘Chanquete’ hacia el Hotel Mónica

Car Boot-sale

Sundays – Mornings (9:30 – 14:00 h)
Prol. Antonio Millón

Mercadillo de Artesanos

Everyday from 19:00 h
C/ Diputación

Torre del Mar

Everyday: 19th July to 19th September
Paseo Marítmo de Poniente