Maro Beach

La Caleta Beach

To the east of Nerja, below Maro village we find this small sized, sandy beach, well hidden beneath the fertile fields of Maro. It has maintained its natural beauty. You access this beach via Maro village and descending a dirt road that winds its way between greenhouses and crop fields. Difficult access, no parking space.

Maro Beach

The Playa de Maro is a large sandy beach, with direct access for cars and for that reason very popular and crowed during peak seasons.

This beach is further ahead, on the same main road that leads to La Caleta.

Paper Mill Beach

Into this large sandy beach flow the rivers Rio de la Miel and the Arroyo de los Colmenarejos. This beach is further ahead of Maro, on the N-340, 300 meters after the kilometre 289. We descend on this old road and parallel to the motorway, until the Paper mill, where we turn right, towards the beach.

Easy access with enough parking spaces.

Alberquillas Beach

This beach actually consists in three large beaches. It is just after the paper mill beach. We access it via the N-340 motorway, turning right hand 200 meters after the kilometre 299. Be attentive, as the exit cannot be seen clearly.