Below we have listed for you all the mayor festivities and festivals in Nerja, so that you might plan your visit accordingly and enjoy partaking in the cultural life of Nerja’s inhabitants.

San Antón

16-17 January
Procession and fireworks in Maro.


Three wonderful days full of color with Chirigotas and the great street parade.

Semana Santa

March or April
Holy week with processions full of emotivity and simplicity.

Cruces de Mayo

3 May
Flower crosses made by neighbours of Nerja singing and dancing around them.

Romeria San Isidro

15 May
Outburst of joy in the pilgrimage of horses and
Spanish costumes.

Noche San Juan

23 June
Barbacue night and beach day. Cake speciality: Tortas de San Juan.

Virgen del Carmen

16 July
Fishermen’s feast day. Marine procession carrying the Virgin in the fishing boats.

Festival Cueva Nerja

Flamenco and classic music festivals in the Cave of Nerja.

Feria de las Maravillas

7 – 9 September
Local Saint’s days festivities with fair in Maro.

Feria de Nerja

8 – 12 October
Local Saint’s days with great fair and amusements.