The gastronomy of the Eastern Costa del Sol has had many influences due to the touristic activities and to the internationalization of the population.

Sardine Espeto

There is no longer a typical gastronomy, except in the family homes. However, along the entire coast, fish is still consumed as the main and most characteristic product, mainly fried and grilled, and of course, the inimitable sardine espetos.

The gastronomy of the capital is a mixture of the best of the whole province, as people from all over the world reside here.

The cuisine of this area, as well as many others, is based on traditional and common products, olive oil, pork, kid, lamb and some seasonal products such as wild mushrooms, in mountain areas.

The result is a varied, rich and unique gastronomy, with extraordinarily complete dishes, such as the Porra Antequerana , which varies slightly from village to village.

There are also excellent sweets, given the long tradition of convents in the area. Proof of this is the famous Bienmesabe and handmade sweets such as lard cakes, doughnuts and crumble-cakes.