At the beginning of Lent, its exact date depending on Easter. Murgas y Comparsas contest, election of Miss Nymph and the Rey Momo, Carnival dance and parade and the Burying of the Sardine.

International Fair of Peoples

15th and 18th of March. Is an exhibition of gastronomy, art, folklore, culture, music, etc. of the Spanish Autonomous Communities and of 25 countries of four continents. In the year 2000 it welcomed over 150,000 visitors.

Easter Holy Week

March or April .The main attraction of its celebration are the religious ceremonies and Processions of the different Brotherhoods of the town.

Saint John’s Night Fair

On the 23-24th June. Popular celebrations of the San José neighbourhood, which culminates with the burning of the Juás

Fiestas del Carmen

On the 16th July. Procession through the village and into the sea of the image of the Virgin. Fairs, contests and the Flamenco Festival “Juan de la Loma” are other important events.

Tourist Fair

On August. Music, concerts, dance, Miss Tourism and more.

Fuengirola Music and Dance Festival

On July, top international shows, in the beautiful setting of the Sohail Castle.


From the 6th to the 12th October.
This is the main event of the city, Pilgrimage, Flamenco Mass, Procession of the Virgen del Rosario, Horseback riders and horse-drawn carriages, running of young bulls, Dressage and Carriage Contests, Bullfights, etc…


Traditions come alive again with the Nativity Scene and Pastorale contests, New Year’s Eve Party and the Parade of the Three Kings.