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Come join us discovering the most famous Mysteries of Malaga! Malaga is an ancient city through which have passed some of the most flourishing cultures in history.

Its intrinsic streets and monuments also tell other kinds of stories full of mystery: Legends, fables, ghosts, psycho-phonies, disappearances and even sightings of unidentified flying objects.

It’s up to the individual to choose whether or not to believe these stories. But a visit to some of these places can be the perfect idea for the more daring who are not afraid of anything.

The Ghost of the Alcazaba

ghost of the alcazaba

In the 1930’s the walls of the Alcazaba of Malaga were the refuge of many poor families. There a ghost caused a serious disturbance for several days, as a shower of stones began to fall on the neighbourhood.

The stones came from everywhere, but especially from house number 24, which was empty. This stone rain did not stop for the whole day, injuring some people. There were sightings of some mysterious figure and the braver men decided to pick up sticks and try to capture it, without success.

The next day, three women were wounded by stones coming from house 24. So the neighbours decided to storm the fateful “house of death”, as it had become known.

When they managed to break down the door, they could see that the lock had been locked from the inside and that there was no one inside the house. Moreover, the only window it had was so small that not even a child could get in or out of it. Therefore, the idea that it was a ghost began to gain momentum.

ghost of the alcazaba
Capture of the news about the ghost

Despite the fact that these streets have been remodelled today, there are still testimonies of spirits. A few years ago, there were rumours that pebbles rained down at night and strange noises, voices and whispers could be heard.

There are security guards who claim to have seen silhouettes of people walking around the Alcazaba at night and when they reach a corner they disappear, shadows on the walls without seeing anyone, and screams in the silence of the night.

The Poltergeist in Cister Street

On 6 June 1991, a very strange phenomenon occurred in the offices of the Plaza & Janés publishing house in the centre of Malaga. It is attributed to a poltergeist. The mystery was never solved.

On Thursday afternoon, inside the offices, where a work meeting was being held, strange knocks and noises were heard, the walls shook and different objects changed location in a surprising way.

The strange shaking knocked a huge map of the city off the wall, moved ashtrays and knocked over a bookshelf with books, where a thin handprint was visible.

The office staff left the premises and went to the Cathedral to fetch water and rosemary.

malaga mysteries
Capture of the news of the Poltergeist Photo @Diario Sur

It was not an earthquake. The only recorded earthquake that day was hundreds of kilometres away in France, as confirmed by the National Geological Institute.

In the meantime, a pub, a bank and a fashion shop have passed through the Plaza & Janés premises. The shop manager explains that on occasions they have felt presences and have seen objects fall. As well as other odd events with no apparent logical explanation. One of the Mysteries of Malaga that never has been solved.

Paranormal phenomena in Almagro Street

Another poltergeist, this time in Almagro street, occurred much more recently, in 2013. More than twenty witnesses watched materialisations and movements of objects for several hours. While this was happening, different light fixtures were exploding on several other floors, with the remains of glass, curiously, appeared on different levels.

Neither the police nor the fire brigade, who arrived on the scene, could do anything to unravel the enigma.

The story did not end on that day. Since then there have been other anomalies, such as windows that blew out on their own on different floors.

Credit Depositphoto
Credit Depositphotos

The strange phenomena at number 1 Almagro street go back much further in time. Possibly since the building was erected. Which is, by the way, located over a Muslim cemetery and over underground water currents, where there seem to be curious electromagnetic anomalies. This is one of Mysteries of Malaga that could be a target for paranormal investigation.

Apparitions at the English Cemetery

English cemetery in Malaga

The English cemetery in Malaga is one of the most curious, strange and attractive places in the city. A beautiful cemetery-garden, with monumental pantheons, legends and apparitions.

One of them is that the last person to be buried in a cemetery becomes its guardian. He or she must watch over the safety of the souls gathered there until a new deceased person is buried and takes the place of the previous guardian.

Interestingly, the last deceased of this cemetery is Antonio Alcaide, who was the cemetery’s guardian. The figure of the cemetery guardian has been observed wandering along the winding paths of the cemetery by the locals, as well as by many visitors. For this reason, in recent years, as a tourist attraction, guided tours of the cemetery have been organised in the middle of the night.

Some visitors claim to have been touched by invisible hands, to have heard footsteps where no one was and to have heard voices coming from nowhere.

On one occasion, a group of tourists were walking through the cemetery. The guide, dressed in a monk’s habit, was narrating the history and legends of the old cemetery. In the middle of the guided tour, a glow appeared resembling the figure of a man, candle in hand, walking with a limp.

Everyone, except the guide, thought that the figure belonged to a Ghost Tour actor. But it had nothing to do with the event. What’s more, after a few seconds he disappeared and they couldn’t find him, even though the front door was locked. Due to the guide’s panic, the show had to be cancelled that night.

“Residents” of the San Miguel Cemetery

The historic cemetery San Miguel is also full of paranormal occurrences.

San Miguel Cemetery Malaga

Jane Bowles

One of the best known “visitors” is the writer Jane Bowles, who is buried in this cemetery. In May 2005, more than fifteen people, friends and family gathered at her grave. Among the group, all of whom knew each other, there was one more personage. She was a woman dressed in mourning clothes, and her face was strangely similar to that of Jane.

Many of the present saw the black-clad woman from the short distance between them.

When word spread, the older ones, those who usually visit Bowles’ grave every year, replied impassively: “Don’t worry. Jane usually comes on the anniversary of her death, appearing among us as spontaneously as she disappears”.

The Corpse Bride

Carolina, a bride who was jilted by her groom at the altar, is also buried here. She died in 1928 of tuberculosis, which at the time was attributed to “a lovesickness”.

Several cemetery security guards claim to have seen a woman dressed as a bride walking among the graves. Popular legends say that Carolina avenged her abandonment at the altar with the death of her fiancé a week after her own.

Antoñito, the “ghost child”

Another peculiar case that occurred in this cemetery is the story of Antoñito, the “ghost child”, a baby who died at just 14 months of age from leukaemia.

According to the testimony of Brother Pepe, caretaker of the cemetery for 30 years, he heard the voice of a child saying “Mama, Mama”. At first, he thought it was one of the cats that roam the cemetery. But as he got closer to the child’s niche, he said it was the wail of a child coming from inside the box. “I stood in front of the headstone and began to pray until the voice stopped wailing. This happened several nights,” the monk said at the time.

The monk ended up consulting a fortune teller. She told him that the child needed candy to sweeten his soul because he had suffered so much in his short life.

Many people claim to have seen the spectre of a “child of light” running through the alleyways of the cemetery. After this story was made public, many people came to the child’s grave to leave baby clothes, water, milk or sweets.

San Miguel Cemetery Malaga

Little Maria

Just like Antoñito, her niche was filled with toys. But for a completely different reason. Legend has it that this little girl is able to solve the problems of couples when they are in crisis.

This little girl who died at an early age receives many letters at her grave from people who ask her to intercede in their relationship. Witnesses claim to have seen the little girl, among them some cemetery guards.

The parish priest Don Eliseo

There are witnesses who claim to have seen an older man dressed in monastic robes wandering through the alleyways of the cemetery. At first it was thought that it could be Brother Pepe. But he was surprised because the description coincided with that of Don Eliseo, a parish priest in charge of the chapel of San Miguel who had died in 1946.

Cortijo Jurado, the enchanted Hacienda

Cortijo Jurado is one of the most curious and enigmatic places in the whole of Malaga. It is located on the outskirts of the city, in Campanillas.

Cortijo Jurado

The Cortijo actually has a tenebrous past. At the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century there were a series of disappearances of women in the area. Their bodies appeared near the house, marked by torture and humiliation typical of satanic rituals.

Over the years, there are people who claim to have witnessed strange lights, banging and unknown noises, even plaintive wailing.

Cortijo Jurado occupied for decades the number one of the scariest places in Malaga.

The building, in which a hotel was planned, was without a buyer for years after it was put on the market. But now it is about to start a new life: it will become a large office complex.

We’ll see what the employees who work overtime alone in the mansion have to say.

UFO Sightings in Malaga

Malaga has in fact witnessed several sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) throughout its history.

 Ufo sighting in Malaga
News on the Ufo sighting in Malaga. Photo La Vanguardia

In 1968, a series of sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) shocked the entire region of Andalusia, including the city of Malaga. On 4 September of the same year, five luminous and unexplained objects were sighted in different parts of the city.

In 1974, several lights, apparently in formation, appeared in the sky. This impressive sighting was documented with photographs that captured the attention of the local and national media.

In 1984, another UFO appeared in Malaga, leaving the thirty or so witnesses present in awe. Two young men managed to capture an image of the mysterious object with their 16-millimetre pocket camera. This event added more mystery to the history of UFO sightings in the region.



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