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The beaches of Fuengirola have earned the highest rating of bathing water health. This rating refers to bathing waters from the beaches of the municipality, who have received a health status as “excellent” based on surveys conducted from 2008 through 2012.

Fuengirola beaches offer all services: toilets, showers, hammocks, nautical areas, playgrounds, sports facilities, etc.

Fuengirola beaches

The popular Costa del Sol municipality also has fitness equipment installed along the entire coastline. There are reserved parking spaces along the promenade for the disabled; furthermore, Fuengirola was the first municipality in Andalucia with the first beach completely adapted to disabled bathers.

Other factors that add to the excellence of the coast of Fuengirola are separate collection of rubbish on beaches, fortnightly analytics to check the health of the waters, the maintenance of the beaches during the 12 months of the year and special services in summer such as first aid or surveillance.

Besides, we also remember other initiatives that were launched last summer on the beaches of Fuengirola: There are several services of supervised playrooms for children, so that parents can also relax a bit; there are two areas where massage services are offered by professional masseurs. And also very popular is the open air cinema on the beach of Los Boliches with movies for the whole family.

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