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Malaga province take advantage of mobile technology and its Tourist Board have come to an agreement with Orange to launch a mobile app of Augmented Reality and Geolocation with which the travellers will be able to improve their experience during their visits around the villages of Malaga. The president of the Tourist Board, Elias Bendodo, assured that Malaga is the first province to activate this type of service. We live in a time that forces us to give it our all. The Council is very committed with the efficiency and modernisation. The tourism is our forte and this industry shows us that the quality and innovation are infallible recipes, which is why they design a safe path towards the future, he stated.

Orange’s innovation manager, Alicia Calvo, explained that the Costa del Sol – Malaga App for mobile devices (both smartphones and tablets) is free and can now be downloaded in Spanish, and will also be available in English, French and German by summer. On this App, the tourist has over a thousand referenced points of interest available, divided into seven different categories.

“It works very easily. The user can run through the whole province and even obtain further information about interesting legends from each place. It allows audio-guide systems, it’s integrated in the social networks to share photos or experiences and it’s a virtual street map”, Bendodo explained during the presentation of the App in the Tourist Board’s head office. Members of the consulate, entrepreneurs and provincial deputies all attended to the event.


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