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The Costa del Sol, the birthplace of tourism, every summer receives a large number of visitors who end up repeating. Many come for the first time advised by family and friends about the charms of the Costa del Sol, but they keep repeating year after year and become reliable tourists of the coasts of Malaga which has a steady clientele that frequent it for up to 40 years, and which has even become their second home.

Nearly 40 years later the situation remains the same, and anyone visiting the Costa del Sol probably will end up repeating; thus, among its tourists there are quite a few very loyal ones who have spent many years vacationing on the coast of Malaga and have also grown with it.

Among the reasons to repeat, tourists mention the optimum temperature and the proximity of the mountains and the sea as keys elements which won´t make them consider a vacation anywhere else on Earth.

Especially the eastern municipalities of the Costa del Sol, Nerja and Torrox, can boast of hosting the highest average temperature of the entire European continent. Other tourists are visiting over the years other coastal municipalities of the province, such as Torremolinos, Malaga, Benalmadena, Fuengirola, Marbella and Estepona.

Sun and Beach

A total of 9.1 million tourists visited in 2011 the province of Malaga, being the most visited coastal cities Malaga, Torremolinos, Marbella and Benalmadena. This growth year after year is mainly due to sun and beach tourism which is chosen by a large majority of travellers and that lives up to the motto of the Costa del Sol (Sun Coast).

Thus, most tourists highlight among the positive factors of the Costa del Sol the good weather, quality and diversity of the beaches, the tranquillity of its streets and the friendliness of its people. There is also room for fun due to a large offer of culture and leisure.

But the Costa del Sol also receives criticism from visitors: The main one refers to the price of services. Another common complaint is the agglomeration of people in high season and the traffic it involves.

Regarding this point, we recommend visiting the Costa del Sol out of the months of July and August. For some quite incomprehensible reason the time of vacation focuses on the months of July and August, when in fact on the Costa del Sol you can enjoy a fantastic climate from mid-May to mid-October with less suffocating heat.

If you can organize your holiday a little more flexible, we highly recommend that you book your holiday off-season; thus you not only can enjoy much more affordable prices on car hire, flights and hotels, but also enjoy our shores without the bustle of the summer months.

In any case, with its pros and cons, the Costa del Sol will receive millions of tourists each summer, who will probably repeat and confirm Malaga as the birthplace of tourism which it already is.

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