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As from this week, Antequera have opened the gates of their most emblematic monuments for the tourists and the locals on Thursay, Friday and Saturday nights until the following 8th of September. The program “Luz de Luna” (Moonlight), that is held in the city every summer for eleven years now, aims to promote itself mainly on the Costa del Sol this year to attract the sun and beach tourists in the evenings, although it also welcomes visitors from the nearby villages in the Antequera region.

The participants in this edition are: the town hall, the Foundation of Medium Cities of the Centre of Andaucia with the label ‘Your History’ and the Torcal High Centre of Visitors. It offers routes around the ‘Los Remedios’ Churches, San Agustin, San Sebastian and Santo Domingo; the Santa Eufemia museums, of the city of Antequera and the brotherhood of Our Lady of Socorro and the Palace Houses, that will only be been from the outside.

In the evenings, they will also be offering the activities of ‘Your History’, ‘Palates in the Collegiate’ and ‘Dream nights in the Alcazaba’, in two of the premises with the most history in the city, while in ‘El Torcal’, guided routes will be organised offering astronomical observations.

For both the routes and the activities, that can be done on different days to the ones on offer for big groups, it’s recommendable to book ahead by calling the following telephone numbers: 952 702 505, 951 700 737 or 952 243 324.

For more information about Antequera monuments visit the link.

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