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Costa del Sol’s Tourism Board has celebrated a new edition of the Sol Danish Cup, sponsored by Turespaña, with the aim of promoting the golfing sector in the Danish market. The destination was presented to the professionals of this sport.

Costa del SolThis summer, the number of arrivals at Malaga Airport from Denmark has been 49.678, which means 11.252 less than in 2010 in the same period (-18,47 per cent), according to the board’s statistics consulted by Europa Press.

The travellers lodged in hotels have also decreased, 38 per cent this summer to be precise, going from 12.511 lodged in the summer season of 2010 down to 7.755 in 2011. Nevertheless, the stays in accommodations have increased up to 28 per cent, with a total of 72.585 overnight stays, compared to last summer’s 56.792.

Golf is one of the most attractive sectors for these travellers, mainly because it can be played all year round thanks to the great climate. During the Sol Danish Cup, celebrated this week, the professionals of this market have discovered the clubs and courses on the Costa del Sol, as well as the existing offer.

Tour operations still have an important roll in the commercialization in Scandinavian countries, reason why workshops have been developed for professionals of both markets. This promotional event has reached its fifth edition, alternating each year between Denmark and the province of Malaga.

Golf is an ally against seasonality and a quality tourism, given that the profile of those who practice this sport, generally have a high economic level, with a spending average higher than the conventional tourist, of over 100 euros more a day.

To be precise, according to a study by the Tourism, Trade and Sport Ministry, in 2010 this sector left a total of 687 million Euros in Andalucia and 427.000 visitors motivated by the practice of this sport. Malaga is the main reference, with up to 60 golf courses, almost 30% of the total amount in Spain and more than 55% of the courses in Andalucia.



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