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Renfe will be offering 7.800 more seats on the high speed-long distance trains that link Seville, Malaga and Cadiz with Madrid over the following long weekend as Tuesday, the 1st of November is a Spanish national holiday. Out of the total of additional seats, 3.500 correspond to the AVE trains that travel between Madrid and Sevilla, 2.800 to the AVE Malaga-Madrid and 1.500 to the Alvia trains that link Cadiz with the Spanish capital.

This special device of reinforcement will begin this Friday and will go on until the following Tuesday the 1st. Over these next five days, 25 trains will be running with double the amount of their usual seats to reinforce the service from Seville, Malaga and Cadiz to Madrid during the long weekend.

The AVE Seville-Cordoba-Madrid will offer 3.500 additional seats, so the total offer on this route will be of 46.800 seats. Renfe will also reinforce the AVE that links Malaga with Madrid for those travellers that choose the Costa del Sol as a destination for this long weekend. In this case, the total offer will be of 29.500 seats, of which 2.800 seats are additional.

The Alvia Cadiz-Madrid will be offering 1.500 more seats and a total offer of 12.200 seats to travel between the coast and Madrid over the long weekend that ends on 1st of November.


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