In Malaga is celebrated both the Three Kings Night and Christmas Eve with the arrival of Santa Claus. It’s time to have the Christmas tree ready at home and hang your empty socks for the gifts.

Malaga Three Kings Parade

The Three Kings parade takes place every year, it happens when the three kings arrive to Malaga in January 5 to bring gifts to the children while they sleep, but only for those who behaved well during all the year.

The parade is original from Spain but also take place in some South-American countries. The first one was in Alicante but it was soon imported to Malaga.

It was at first a beneficent parade where they gift toys and clothes to people in need, today is more an exhibition parade and the gifts were replaced by candies, they throw hundreds of thousands along the main streets of the municipalities.

The Three Kings parade is an important event at Malaga city centre, it takes place in January 5 and the beginning of the route is the Town Hall. Every year the Three Kings costumes are redesigned, so we will pay attention to the design in 2019.


The beginning of the parade is from 5:30pm, the itinerary could change but it should not be much different from the past year:

Town Hall in Malaga ➔ Avda. de Cervantes ➔ Plaza del General Torrijos ➔ Plaza de la Marina ➔ Alameda Principal ➔ Puerta del Mar ➔ Atarazanas ➔ Plaza de Arriola ➔ Pasillo de Santa Isabel ➔ Carreteria ➔ Calle Álamos ➔ Plaza de la Merced

Three Kings parades from other municipalities

The main municipalities in Costa del Sol have their own Three Kings parade, they as magical beings can be at many places at the same time so you also can watch the parade from Torremolinos, Fuengirola, Mijas, Benalmadena or Marbella among others.

Three Kings parade in Torremolinos

The parade will begin at Blas Infante Square at 4pm with the following itinerary:

Avda. Rafael Quintana ➔ C/ Europa ➔ Avda. Isabel Manoja ➔ Avda. Los Manantiales ➔ Plaza Costa del Sol ➔ Avda. Joan Miró ➔ Calle doctor Jiménez Encina ➔ C/García de la Serna ➔ Avda. Rafael Quintana ➔ Torremolinos Townhall

Three Kings parade in Benalmadena

The parade will begin in Benalmadena Pueblo at 4:30pm with the following itinerary:

Recinto Ferial los Nadales ➔ Calle San Miguel ➔ Avenida del Chorrillo ➔ Avenida Juan Luís Peralta ➔ Calle Jerónimo Garriga ➔ Calle Lomillas ➔ Plaza de España ➔ Calle Real ➔ Avenida Juan Luís Peralta

Three Kings parade in Fuengirola

In Fuengirola the Three Kings parade will begin at 4pm after arriving by helicopter. The itinerary will be as follows:

Calle Mallorca 
➔ Avenida de Mijas ➔ Avenida Juan Gómez “Juanito” ➔ Calle Camilo José Cela ➔ Calle Molino de viento ➔ Avenida Condes de San Isidro ➔ Avenida Matías Sáenz de Tejada ➔ Avenida Ramón y Cajal ➔ Avenida de Los Boliches

Three Kings parade in Mijas

In Mijas the parade will begin at 5pm and at 4:30pm, children are invited to participate in the parade and the only request is to wear christmas costumes, be between 4 and 14 years old and contact any of the participants organizations.

The Three Kings will arrive by helicopter to the sports centre at 5pm for Las Lagunas parade.

Las Lagunas at 5pm:

Maria Zambrano Park ➔ Avda. Miguel Hernandez ➔ Calle Antonio Machado ➔ Avda. Margarita ➔ Camino Viejo de Coín ➔ Calle San Cristóbal ➔ Calle San Javier ➔ Calle La Unión ➔ Avenida de Mijas ➔ Camino del Albero ➔ Avenida Dinamarca ➔ Calle Geranio ➔ Parque de Andalucía.

Mijas Pueblo Parade at 4:30pm

Plaza Virgen de la Peña 
➔ Avenida Virgen de la Peña ➔ Avenida de Méjico ➔ Plaza de la Paz ➔ Calle Málaga ➔ Plaza de la Libertad ➔ Plaza de la Constitución ➔ Avenida del Compás ➔ Plaza Virgen de la Peña.

La Cala de Mijas parade at 5pm

➔ Calle Marbella ➔ Calle Torreón ➔ Calle Torremolinos ➔ Bulevar ➔ Calle Marbella ➔ Calle Cártama ➔ Parque de la Butibamba.

Three Kings parade in Marbella at 6pm

Three Kings will arrive to Marbella marina by catamaran and follow the next itinerary:

Avenida Severo Ochoa ➔ Avda. Ramón y Cajal ➔ Avda. Ricardo Soriano ➔ Plaza Monseñor Rodrigo Bocanegra

There will be a parade at San Pedro de Alcantara at 5:30pm

Calle Fuente Nueva ➔ Calle Diego Piña Macias ➔ Avda Oriental ➔ Calle Juan R. Jiménez ➔ Calle Pepe Osorio ➔ Calle Luis Braile ➔ Calle Lagasca ➔ Calle Andalucía ➔ Avda. La Constitución ➔ Calle Jerez ➔ Calle Marqués del Duero ➔ Calle Hernán Cortes ➔ Calle 19 Octubre ➔ Avda. Oriental ➔ Plaza de la Iglesia.

Another parade will begin in Nueva Andalucia at 3:30pm

Parroquia Virgen Madre ➔ Avda. Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer ➔ Calle Álvaro de la Iglesia ➔ Calle Lope de Vega ➔Calle Garcilaso de la Vega➔ Avda. Miguel de Cervantes ➔ Jorge Manrique ➔ Avda. Gustavo Adolfo Becquer.

Follow us to be up to date about the itinerary for each parade in 2019.