As in many places around the world celebrating Halloween, in Malaga the night of the 31st October in 2016 you can take part in many activities and events for the family or just for you and your friends: Themed parks, discounts at clubs if you wear a costume or contests for the best costume, all the events are held overnight.

Botanic Garden organize special events for this night, the English Cemetery did as well in past events.

Halloween pumpkins

If you come to Malaga and would like to celebrate Halloween, just wear your best costume and go out to enjoy the scariest night of the year.

History of Halloween

Halloween event is native to Europe, its origin is Celtic and it was celebrated at the end of the summer, at this time the world of the living and the dead are closer so many souls can pass to this side. The use of masks and costumes tradition comes to the need of trying to scare the evil spirits out of their way.

The Romans assimilated this tradition after conquering the Celtic territories, Halloween merged with another festivity they had in early November, the harvest festival.

Catholic Church tried to replace Halloween with the ‘All Saints day’, in an attempt to remove from history the old pagan traditions but with little success.

Film and television would cause this almost forgotten tradition to recover forces in the late twentieth century, a force that was spreading from the United States, where the Irish brought Halloween a century ago.

Some people say that paranormal activity happens more in the world just after the summer…do you ever experienced it? Perhaps it is time to dress a costume and celebrate Halloween to scare the evil spirits.

Halloween traditions in Malaga and Spain

Although many think this festivity is an European invasion of United States culture, it is quite the opposite. Halloween is a native tradition of Europe that invaded the American continent, it managed to survive there and take new forces for returning to its place of origin.

Formerly it was common in Spain for people to make fires or handle candles in small processions to guide the spirits back to the cemetery, once there they used to clean the graves of their deceased relatives.

The tradition of Halloween in Spain or in Malaga today can vary from other countries but keeps many elements in common.

Main events in 2017

We will be upgrading this area of the article with upcoming events for halloween, please visit us back soon!

We are just naming a few, remember that mostly all municipalities organize special events and activities for this day at their main squares.

Activities in Malaga city area

In the city there are many activities for enjoying Halloween:

Botanical garden La Concepcion in Malaga

At 8 p. m. on October 31st, the visit will take place to the botanical garden of La Concepción. A visit for all ages where everyone can go in disguised.

Every year a costume contest is held for children, adults and groups.

For more information and reservations you can phone +34 951 926 180

English Graveyard

For many cemeteries are scary places, especially when you visit them at night. Is it true that at sunset ghosts are more active in such places? If you want to discover it you can visit the English Cemetery which this year organizes a series of nocturnal visits, you only need to form a group of 4 to 6 people and want to have a scary time.

During the visit, the history of the cemetery will be explained and the most emblematic places and tombs will be visited.

Price: 25€ per team

From 27 to 31 October

When: 7:30 pm, 9 pm y 10:30 pm

For more information, please contact:

Pier 1 at Port of Malaga

From 5 pm the ghosts, witches and beings of the underworld will take the pier 1 of the Port of Malaga. There will be a costume contest with different prizes and photos.

The duration of the event is from 5 pm to 8 pm.

Halloween in Calle Larios

The Calle Larios will be the meeting place for many who want to show their costumes.

Activities in Western Costa del Sol

If you are on the western Costa del Sol you may be interested in learning about the main events that take place during the most scary night of the year.

Torremolinos and Halloween: Every year Torremolinos organize a live terror performance at the Nogalera Square, next to the train station.

Halloween in Benalmadena: Another horror live show in Benalmadena for those who dare to visit Plaza de la Mezquita the 31st of October.

Tivoli World, Benalmadena Cable-Car, Selwo and Sea Life have special offers for those children wearing costumes.

Halloween in Marbella: There will be many activities and costume contests at Ambrosia Mercado Gourmet during all the day.

Estepona activities: Selwo Adventure brings the habitat of some scary animals. children between 3 and 10 years old wearing costumes have free entrance.

Activities in Eastern Costa del Sol

Nerja, Rincon de la Victoria and the entire eastern Costa del Sol celebrate Halloween with activities for everyone.

Maroween: In Maro there will be live horror perfomances, costume contest, conferences about haunted houses, night visits to Cueva de Nerja and many more activities.

There is a special bus between Nerja and Maro since 6 pm. until 2 am.

Velez-Malaga: Este es otro municipio que propone muchas actividades para Halloween. Actuaciones de terror en vivo dentro de la Casa de Asociaciones para todos, hay diferentes niveles para niños y adultos.

Trick or Treat

As for the tradition the evil spirit will go knocking each house and cursing the home of those who ask for the trick instead the treat.

Currently in Malaga and Costa del Sol it is common inside urbanizations that children knock the doors asking for ‘trick or treat’, hoping to receive some candies.

Differences between Halloween and All Saints day

All Saints day was originally celebrated during the month of May but it was moved to November 1st with the intention of hiding Halloween, celebrated the night before November 1st.

Halloween celebrates the closeness of the living to the dead’s world during the last night of the summer. The All Saints day reveres all the saints who do not own a day.