The Sports Palace San Miguel kicked off on february 1, 1997, is easly accessed it has ample parking space.

This modern structure, has aside from a spacious service area, a gymnasium of approximately 300 m2 with state of the art weight-lifting equipment And apparatus for all types of work -outs, from low level physique improvement to all- out training for sports’ elite.

At present there is tiered seating for 1.000 people around the sides and at the north end, and there are plans underway to double this capacity. There is also VIP gallery with seating fir eighty people and two Press Cabins, one at each side of the north and seating.

In the service zone there are 4 washrooms and nine independent changing rooms, 4 larger ones for team use with individual showers and 5 individual ones for referees as well as 120 clothes lockers infirmary and facilities for the disabled.

Game equipments includes regulation goal nets, three sets foldaway ball nets suspended from the roof, an electronic scoreboard at the south end, visible from any part of the central hall, and a central louder speaker system.