The Championship Ballroom Dance Contest, The Carnival, The Verdiales festival (folk dancing), Holy week, Crosse of May, Saint John’s Eve and Corpus Christy are some of the most important celebrations, not forgetting the Fair del Carmen (Our Lady of Carmen) the day of the tourist, and the Romería, a picnic style event, celebrated the last week of September 29th.

La Virgen del Carmen

This fair attracts more and more tourist from all over the world with each passing year, gathering in the town’s centre during the day and continuing into the evening at the Fairgrounds, recently improved and endowed with unsurpassable infrastructure.

The festivals in honour of the patron saint include “La Romería de San Miguel” where more than 200.00 persons gather in the pinewoods “Los Manantiales” in a festive procession to the Ermita (shrine) after leaving behind a splendorous trail of joy and amusement through the town streets.

On July 16th when the fishing village of La Carihuela, pays tribute to its patroness, “La Virgen del Carmen”. The virgin’s image is placed onboard a fishing boa and escorted by numerous craft a nautical procession.