In Torremolinos you can taste all the popular dishes of the Andalusian culinary art in general, here you can find more than 250 international restaurants offering Italian, German, English, Scandinavian, American, Indonesian, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine, making it possible to satisfy other tastes and palates.

Pescaito frito

However, it is the beach restaurants known as “chiringuitos”, where the visitor finds the most authentic dishes of the local cuisine, as “pescaito frito”, paellas, coquinas, shellfish soup, sardines, salt baked fish and the refreshing and nutritious gazpacho, made with our local ingredients; olive oil, tomatoes, garlic, vinegar and the special touch make it unique.

Other highly recommended typical dishesare the roasted bell pepper salad, where the baked peppers are cut into strips and mixed with a little onion and tomato, and later marinates in oil, vinegar and salt; “el adobo” and fish with “ali-oli” . Finally an special mention goes to the typical dessert “Tortas de aceite de Torremolinos”.