Starting at the slope of the Líbar range here is the Pileta Cave inside which you can find an extraordinary collection of cave paintings from the Paleolithic and Neolithic era, considered as the most important site of this kind in Andalusia.

About 20 km. north of the city is the archaeological site of Acinipo, with remains from an ancient Roman city. There are still conserved the theatre and the public baths.

Only 29 km. away is the natural park of Grazalema Range, which has been declared by the UNESCO a Biosphere Protected Area.

This splendid landscape shelters one of the most unique arboreal species of the Iberian Peninsula, the Spanish Fir Tree, an uncommon variety of the fir tree, which hails back from the Tertiary era.

Finally some 20 km. south there is another protected natural area of great interest, The Natural Park of Las Nieves Range. Here we find the third deepest chasm of the world, known to the speologists as the G.E.S.M, with more than 900 metres depth.