Is the oldest bullring of Spain and the birthplace of bullfighting on foot. It was inaugurated during the May Festival of 1785. Due to its beauty and historical legacy, this ancient plaza is one of the most precious stone treasures in the Ronda mountains.

It was built according to the plans of the master builder of Puente Nuevo, the architect José Martín de Aldehuela. Its ring has a diameter of 66 metres and is surrounded by a double gallery of progressively smaller arches resting on Tuscan Columns.

The entrance and the stone barrier surrounding the ring are outstanding due to their beauty and uniqueness, the latter being the only one of its kind in Spain.

Apart from the bullring, there is as well a Bullfighting Museum, which has on display an interesting collection of bullfighter costumes in the style of Goya , and a permanent exhibition of items belonging to the bullfighting dynasties of Ordoñez and Romero.