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Marbella is a recognized brand in the world and especially in the luxury tourism sector, according to a survey conducted and published yesterday by the consulting firm Oak Power Communication. According to the study, the city ranks fifth among the most exclusive and internationally recognized.

In this study, Marbella is situated below the Seychelles, Turcas and Caicos in the Caribbean; Monaco and Nice. But the Costa del Sol city outperforms other destinations such as Porto Cervo in Sardinia, Ibiza, Maldives, Cayman Islands, also in the Caribbean, or Santorini, Greece.

The image of Marbella is less tarnished than it is believed by the operations of urban and municipal corruption to which it has been linked in the past six years. Respondents are more reminiscent of other events like the birth of Puerto Banus or the arrival of the Arab royal family to its shores.

The township is in the world ranking of destinations linked to luxury and the interviewed persons highlighted its exclusivity and security.


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